This is a website about my works and hobbies and amazingly they are the same. I've founded our animation and game studio with and old friend of mine. I love games, game design, startups and problem solving.


  • Education:

    Electrical Power Engineering from
    Iran University of Science and Technology

  • Employment History:

    Co-Founder of ALM ( Art of Light and Motion) Studio link : www.artlightmotion.com
    Co-Founder of Art of Game and Gamification

  • Proficiencies

    Idea development and engineering
    Project design and management
    Game design and development
    3D art and animation

  • Project History
    • Short Animation Films : Zero Degree ( Director :Omid Khoshnazar ) 2005 - Labyrinth ( Director : Omid Khoshnazar ) 2006 - Solitude ( Director : Mehrdad Sheykhan ) 2007 - Parasite ( Director : Omid Khoshnazar ) 2009 - Aperture ( Director : Amir Mehran ) 2011 - All the winters I haven't seen( Director : Omid Khoshnazar ) 2013
    • Games : Zoop Zoop, Galaxy Racer, Snake and Ladder 3D and ...
    • Animation TV Serieses : Zebr o Zerang ( Director : Siavash Zarinabadi ) (2004 - 2006) - Fandogh ( Director : ZiayiDustan ) (2011-2012) - Shojaan ( Director : Siavash Zarinabadi ) (2010 till now)
    • Visual Effects : A Little Kiss ( Director : Bahman Farmanara ) 2005 - Sang Kaghaz Gheychi ( Director : Saeed Soheyli ) 2006 - Journy to Distant Land ( Director : Sasan Pesian ) 2007 - Empty Chair ( Director : Saman Staraki ) 2007 - Shadow of Fear ( Director : Emaad Asadi ) 2008 - Women are Amazing ( Director : Mehrdad Farid ) 2011
    • TV Commercials : LG LCD - Beko - Sebum - Kaveh Glass - Aysuda Chocolate - Some Banks ( Saderat - Mellat & ... )
    • Design Visualizations : Acid Sulfuric Factory of Mes Sarcheshmeh - Nili Buildings in Dubai - Milad Tower Opening Ceremony Visuals - Mellat Cinema Complex - Javadieh Bridge - and some other architectural and industrial projects
    References available upon request.



In 2011 we ran a startup in our company, Art of Light and Motion; to start a game development department. We examined different game engines and finally selected Unity 3D pro as our game development engine. We tried the free version and after almost a year we bought a pro license with Android pro and IOs pro licenses. You can see are latest release Like "Zoop Zoop" and "Galaxy Racer" in google play and apple itune store. for a list of our products please visit our website almgames.com. Business has always been my favorite field of knowledge and with the passion for game design, came the Gamification. It's been a while that I am studying gamification and have lectured in some e-commerce and business conferences as well as workshops in game design and the future of game development. You can find some of the presentations related to these workshops in
An introduction to Gamification
Future of Mobile game industry
Starting up a small mobile game company


In 2006 I bought a Nikon D50 and I started photography with a DSLR. In less than a year I moved to Medium format photography with Mamiya 645 and universal. My main field of interest in photography is abstract and my favorite lenses are FishEyes on Mamiya and Nikon. I've done Industrial and commercial photography projects as well as documentary and been involved in "Negah photography Association" for some years and tutored some classes and workshops in fields like Panorama, Pinhole and HDR.


Year 2002 I started trying 3D animation softwares. After experiencing with 2D drawing and graphic manipulation softwares like adobe photoshop, I felt a need for the third dimensions. Autodesk 3d studio max became my main 3D master sofware of usage and I founded and built our company with my friend, "Behzad Rajabipour"; making Short Animation Films, TV motion graphics, Design visualizations and Visual Effects for movies. I've experienced working in projects from other countries in our company as well as different local organizations . You can download and watch some of our reels .



ALM Animation Studio Website
The website of our animation studio for our works and information.
ALM Game Studio Website
The website of our Game department for our works and information.

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4th floor No.13, Pezeshkpour alley, Vali-asr st. after Zartosht junction, Tehran, Iran

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